Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to make Christmas Tree Napkins

I received an email for this pattern from Nancy's Notions but was unable to share the video with you but it's very easy to whip these napkins up in a flash.....To make the Christmas Tree napkins, cut two circles 14" diameter in coordinating fabrics. For ease in sewing I place something 1” smaller and mark outer edge with marking pencil or pen. This will assist when you are sewing a round circle – you need to keep it EVEN. With right sides together, sew all around and leave an opening for turning. Trim edges close to stitching and make slits every few inches. Turn and press. Slip stitch opening, making sure to keep it even and round. Now for the fun part and when you will see the Christmas Tree literally come to life before your eyes – Fold 1/3 toward you on your favorite side of fabric – Turn circle to the right and fold 1/3 again, then back to the left to make tree shape. Press – and place at your table setting. So cute and I bet you’ll be the first one in your circle to have these complimenting your Christmas table this year. Enjoy


  1. Well these napkins look familiar :-) Thanks again for making me my own special set, they look PERFECT with our holiday plates!

  2. Bettie, this is a great idea. Can't wait to try it.