Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wall Hanging to Pillow

The cute Christmas wall hanging was handmade by someone. I was lucky enough to pick this cute thing up at a thrift shop in northern Virginia for $1.75. Didn't want to take the time to repair some of the threads on the blanket stitching, so I decided this would make a better holiday pillow in my house. I love pillows - never saw one I didn't like or wish to embellish with something else, more suited to my taste and decor. The blanket stitching was removed along with the wooden dowel and string. Then I top stitched all around the inside (just like a picture frame) and added a backing with an opening and now have this cute Christmas pillow that will greet guests. Think outside the usual box - you don't have to use an item in the same way it was intended. I like making pillows in this shape because they fit most chairs and I can remove the pillow and use it in another project to compliment another season. Try it - you'll be pleased at the money you save and you won't have to store all the pillows - only the item you make. Enjoy!


  1. very cute pillow - can I get one for my house?? :-)

  2. What an awesome idea, Gayle! And YES, Keely needs one for her house!