Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making Plans for another get-together

Christmas Books – they introduce us to recipes, wreaths, decorating tips for windows and doors – decks and porches – everyone has more books than any one single item in their homes. I enjoy books to the point that I purchase them and really dislike having to place them on a bookshelf, sitting idle until a notion strikes to pick it up again and peruse its pages again. Books compliment any room and I love to display all my Christmas related books together. This year I took a few minutes and grouped my entire collection into one section at the end of my counter in the kitchen. Many ideas are born here in my 12x17 space. I live in an old house, so additional space has been created over the years to accommodate another area to define an area of use. The books look great – I even have them in date order, by author. I could launch any dinner menu from the pages of these books. I could decorate any theme from looking up references I have marked throughout the years. The only thing that is hard for me is deciding what recipe to use or what look I wish to convey to my guests as they enter my home. I love to entertain and look forward to each person that ventures over the threshold. Coming to my house may be my guests’ best venture on that day and I wish to convey my thanks for their presence.


  1. I have a gizillion Christmas books & I love them too!!

  2. I do, too ! I love my Christmas books. I wish I had time to reread them all year after year!

  3. I have quite a few Christmas books and magazines!
    They become like family and I can't get rid of them.
    Just wish I had Samantha's talent (Bewitched fame) and could 'blink' some of the creations I read about into reality!!

  4. Hmmmm must be in the genes as I love books too :)

  5. I have a 7 foot bookcase devoted to Christmas books and magazines...that's after I weeded down from 2 and a half bookcases! I adore the ritual of looking through them and dreaming of Christmas all through the year.

    Wanted to mention here that TJ Maxx in my area (southern California) have lots of Chrstmas books now, including several of the Gooseberry Patch holiday books for only $3.95....