Sunday, November 15, 2009

Easy Treat for Thanksgiving

A member of another message board I frequent posted the link for these "Edible Acorns"....I made a platter of them recently for my husband's birthday and the grownups were crazy over them...No baking involved so super easy...The "acorns" would look cute on a tray covered with faux leaves but I had used all  of mine in my Fall arrangements, so I had to settle for a doily...Here's the "Recipe":

  • bag of doughnut holes (found mine at Food Lion and had about 2 dozen in bag)

  • partial bag of toffee bits or you could use finely chopped nuts of your choice

  • icing of your choice (I used chocolate) or you can use peanut butter

  • a few pretzels, broken for little short stems

Ice top part of a doughnut hole with either icing or peanut butter. (I iced the tops of the doughnut holes and coming down the sides a little bit too)..roll iced part in toffee bits or finely chopped nuts...insert pretzel "stem" and place on tray...It's that easy!

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