Monday, January 18, 2010

Another day!

Feeling sorry for myself here!

I fell over at work last week and badly sprained my ankle.
And, because I am favouring it, I now have aches and pains up my leg.
Life is tough!!

And my poor baby boy (all 6 foot of him) has some awful virus.

Don't you hate it when they are worse off than you?
All I wanted was a little sympathy.
But, no.
He is lying there looking pathetic.

So, I hobble around and bring him flat lemonade.
And little plates of goodies in case it might tempt him to eat.

He sure looks cute.
Just like he was when he was 2.
Oh, those were the days


  1. Hi Sharon~~~

    I hope very much that your ankle gets better soon. I have twisted my right ankle so many times that now it is weak and I have to really watch my step (literally!). And I am sorry your son is ill. As old as they are, our motherly instinct takes over!!

    I want to thank you for stopping by my blog. You three gals have a great blog and I know I will enjoy popping over. :-)

    Take care, Sharon!


  2. What is flat lemonade, and how are you??????