Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Deal of the Year!

Do any of you shop at CVS pharmacy? I have for years and love getting the Bonus Bucks...Recently I was picking up a prescription for my husband and thought I would use my Bonus Bucks while in the store. I use a lot of stickers with clients and am always on the lookout for good deals...I had about $7 worth of Bonus Bucks and picked out a selection of things. When I got to the register the guy checking me out said I needed to buy at least $4 more in order to use up all the "Bucks"...I was a bit surprised but then he explained that some packages of stickers I had picked out marked $1 were coming up .09!!!! I went back and scooped up a bunch more and guess what my total out of pocket was? .01!! can you imagine? I got all of this stuff for one red cent! Deal of the year for sure.


  1. Hi Gayle...They are real stepping stones....they are made of cement…it looks like they used a real pillows for the mold and then pored cement with a color pigment….I love them…everyone thinks they are real pillows…they day I brought them home and put them in my yard…my husband thought I was crazy…he thought they were real pillows…You might be able to find them at a nursery…..I found mine at Omega Salvage Company in Berkley, CA…they are fun…I’m glad you like them…
    Mo :-)

  2. I love CVS. We are surrounded by them here in the city! They have little surprises at every turn and I have found some really neat things. Never for 1 cent!!! Good going!! :-)


  3. Hi Gayle! Thank you for your kind comments about my blog...I appreciate your visit! I love your "collaboration" trio for your blog. It is beautiful, and I wish you three all the best. I will become a follower and check in with you from time to time, and I hope you do the same with me! Happy blogging!!

  4. Man, that was a great deal! You racked up.
    We don't have a CVS around here. Wish we did.

  5. WOW - you told me you got a good deal, but I really didn't realize how good until I saw this picture. Good job, Mama! :-)

  6. Wow, what a deal indeed! I haven't been to CVS in a LONG time. I'm still trying to get to the new Walgreen's that just opened up 5 miles from here.

    Have a great day Gayle!

  7. As others have commented - WHAT a deal? CVS usually has some good stuff but I don't shop there often - only go in to print photos out. What a medley of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!