Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keely's new gorgeous boy got me thinking...........

Remember when your firstborn arrived????

And you bought him/her home?
Or some of you might have bought MORE than one home........I bow down to you!!!!

I remember the first six weeks as a blur.
A complete blur.
Full of happiness.
And exhaustion.
And love.
And confusion.

But mostly love.

Amazing times.
I think!!!!

Not alot of sleep.

But feeling so happy.

And CLEVER!!!!!


  1. Oh Gayle, yes how true! That was me nearly 22 yrs. ago. I brought Vinny home on my 24th birthday. I've always told him that he was the best gift ever! I hope Keely & Easton are doing well. ♥

  2. I remember my firstborn, Miss Melody, very fondly. Actually, when they handed her to me the first time, I thought, "now what do I do"! It was wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time.

  3. Sharon - just wanted to say "thanks" for saying our boy is gorgeous ... we agree! :-)