Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year. New beginning. Same old, same old :)

Isn't it funny what 'tickles your funny bone'???

Three of my kids (Erin, Patrick and Andrew) went to a mutual friend's home for New Years Eve.
This friend has an AMAZING home.
Well, the grandparents do.
But he has his own cottage on their property.
As I said, amazing!!!

Anyway, back to my story.

New Year's Eve started for them at around 4pm
And finished, for the boys, on January 2 at around 11am.
Gosh, those boys have a good life!

But, back to what made me smile......
Got a message from their friend on Facebook telling me how great Andrew (my youngest) was at cleaning up!!!!
My son!!!!
My baby!!!!!
Cleaning up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a proud moment.

See, the glass CAN be half full.

Obviously, during those almost 48 hours of partying, some glasses were quite empty/full.
And then empty/full again.
Hence, that is why my son needed to mop/scrub/declutter.

But he did it!!

Does that mean he will do that HERE?????
I can only dream.


  1. It means his mama reared him right!!! He is a delight, isn't he?

    And no, girl, I would NOT count on him doing it in your home just yet! :o)

  2. I am with Tammy, sweet girl, he KNOWS what is RIGHT but doing it at home is OPTIONAL... plus, he doesn't need to impress you, does he? What a great guy!