Friday, January 29, 2010

While I appreciate the things I have accomplished, we all tend to strive to excel a little more. I never embraced the "country" look, but when you have to work with what you have - that's what you do. My kitchen is large, but there was never sufficient space so over the years, I've upgraded to allow for more storage for the huge collection of dishes and serving pieces we all collect. A floor redo was implemented a couple of years ago and my son Al did the tile work which I designed to resemble a rug on the floor. He did an excellent job and I probably will never change this.
This past summer we installed some new cabinets purchased at Lowes - they make the kitchen feel more organized since everything is stored and out of sight. Carl has never done carpentry work like this, but I think he did a great job. Now - all I need to do is put some paint on the back wall to make the cabinets POP - perhaps a good red color. Any suggestions - are welcomed. Come by for tea - we can sit here!

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