Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I always said I would never be one of those gushing grandparents that bored people to tears with tales of their grandchildren and shoving volumes of photo albums in guests' faces...well I lied! Yesterday our daughter  Keely gave birth to our first grandchild, a son...Easton Archer Jones arrived yesterday at 3:55 EST weighing a hefty 9 lbs 11 oz and 23 1/2 inches long. Keely lives in Michigan near the Canadian border and Jim and I were not able to be there for the birth BUT we will be traveling up Feb 5th to meet Easton and bring the family back South...Yippee! they are moving to NC next month so that is why we delayed our visit by a few weeks...hard to not be there but looking forward to special times ahead with them closer in NC.

It wouldn't be fair to not show my other grand-furbabies so here they are's Bo and Marley; English bulldog and kitty that belongs to our son Jacob and his wife Ashley.

Other members of the household include Ava and Luca...

A face only a grandmother could love

Everytime I look at this photo the song, "Somewhere out there...someone waits for me"...runs though my mind for some reason...LOL

Isn't Luca a handsome devil?

Marley and christmas tree

Last but not least is Esco, the sweetest doggie you'll ever meet owned by our son Bryce...I have a ton of great pics of Esco but they are on my desktop which needs to go in the this photo snapped this past christmas will have to suffice for now...I think Esco was a bit tired from his run with Santa and helping the reindeer out a bit (notice the antlers)...


  1. I wondered how long it would be before there were some photos of Easton!!!
    Glad you aren't offending the other children and have posted photos of their babies too.
    You are a GOOD grandmother!!!!

  2. WELCOME to the Grandma's Club big is that boy WOW!! I had one born in June last year weigted in at 10-1,,,thanks so much for sharing your great news with us...and WELCOME Easton to the world....thanks for the fur babies photos too cute...hugs and smiles to you Granny Gayle, Gl♥ria

  3. Oh what a precious baby, and the fur-babies are precious too! I said the exact same thing -even told my daughter that when she was pregnant with our first grandchild-I'm not going to be one of those silly grandmothers who talks about her grands and shows their pictures all of the time. Now that I have 4 grandchildren, people run when I pull a photo album from my purse! Grandchildren are wonderful! laurie

  4. Gayle, Easton is soooo adorable. I am so happy for you and Keely. He will be a much loved little one, I am sure!

    Love the furry babies, too! :-)


  5. Easton cannot wait to meet you & Daddy - we are looking forward to your visit .... you will arrive in less than 2 weeks! :-)

  6. Oh, Gayle, Easton is a beautiful, beautiful boy! And no one believed that lie anyway, so no worries!!!

    Your other grandbabies are adorable, too. You are blessed to have so many things to love!!!

  7. All your babies furry and not..are ADORABLE!!
    thank you for stopping by one of my blogs..I have 2 babies myself in my other sure to check those faces.!...I enjoyed spending time in your blog..will be following you 3 to see what goodies you have to share..Oh LOVE the idea of sharing a blog!!! wonderful!! i think this could really catch on..I can see family members who live far from each other doing this to keep in touch daily!!! great idea! :-)

  8. What a precious baby, and furry friends too! Love the reindeer :))
    Many thanks for your comment about my publication, Gayle, it was much appreciated!
    Have a beautiful week,