Friday, January 15, 2010

Dressing for spring presentation . . . . . .

Needed to come up with new cushions for my settee on screened porch, off the kitchen and decided to use one single twin flat sheet I had purchased a while back. The flowers and bright red says "Welcome" and the covers were made to fit some extra bed pillows - if you sew - this would be an easy way to make new covers and change the theme often without the expense of purchasing new cushions. The main thing to do is measure your piece of furniture and USING the wide hemmed edge of the sheet - allow for a seam and cut sheet and hem. If you left the opening at the edge of settee, you can slip pillows in and your bottom section is completed. Cover two more pillows for the top portion and you will be finished. I use the pillow opening technique to allow for covers to be washed when needed or changed to another theme. Perhaps I should do a tutorial - my sister Gayle will have to assist on multiple photos. If you need assistance, post and we will come up with a tutorial. Happy sewing!


  1. Bettie, you never cease to amaze me. The pillow covers are beautiful. I must come see them sometime. Isn't sewing theraputic?!

  2. Bettie! This post is exactly the nudge I need to TRY to cover a small loveseat in my craft room. If I need advice could you help me? It's a long, flat cushion and 4 loose pillows. It's covered in sort of a twill but it's not truly off white or white, kind of has a pinkish cast. I want it to more closely match a chair I got for the room. I found the PERFECT replacement pillows but I would love to try and 'do it myself' by covering the existing ones with removeable covers. Could I email you sometime?
    I'm Gayle's friend from Virginia, we live not too far from Patty.

  3. Would love to assist in any way I can. E-mail me at I love making items that can be easily laundered. I've recently begun to use cording in some of my sewing projects and the effects are good, but I do need to make sure that cording will compliment the pillow and not compete with photo or fabric being used. Sounds like your long cushion may be the only difficult item - they have a middle section I think. Send e-mail - we can do it!!!