Sunday, January 10, 2010

Curbside Find...Transformation

Do you ever see trash  items curbside that people have abandoned and it makes your heart jump with anticipation knowing you could bring it back to life and keep it from the landfill with a little elbow grease and creativity? Well I gotta admit when my husband dragged this back to our house I was thinking how ugly this piece of furniture was but could see potential among all the ugliness. I needed something to house some of my candles and linens for the guest room and I thought the piece had good lines and lots of storage potential with those drawers...instead of keeping the closet part for hanging clothing I got Jim to remove the bar and install sturdy shelving instead...a few coats of primer and white paint and I was ready to embellish the piece a bit with some decorative painting. I use this piece in my guest room and it's perfect to hold linens, candles and even fluffy white towels for my guests...costs for the transformation was approximately $50 and that includes paint and lumber for shelving!


  1. I love this!
    You are SO clever and artistic.
    And Jim is a treasure too.

  2. I love this piece, it looks great in the guest room. And don't forget, it's also already holding a few items for Easton too :-)

  3. Howdy Gayle,
    So glad you stopped by and visited my blog. Hope you don't mind that I am going to follow along. Love your blog. The furniture piece looks awesome. WOW!
    What part of the South are you from?

  4. Gayle, I love the cabinet. It looks great. Hope to see you soon. Deb