Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When painting is NOT an option .............

New approach for 2010. Do you have a table - one that you truly love, but the stain on it is not exactly one that will gain an award from HGTV, BUT, you do like the legs on it and you need the piece where its being used. Try sewing a fitted piece of garment - sort of like a slip cover, but much easier. This particular piece had  nice splayed legs, but I never liked the strange shape of the skirt on the table, so yesterday while temperatures were way too...........low to get out of the house, I began a search for a piece of fabric in my stash, of course. I found a couple of slip covers for a sofa I used almost twenty years ago and when they were washed for the first time, they SHRUNK about 30 percent and could not be used again, so a new sofa was purchased, I kept the covers since the fabric was great for pillows and trim and making covered cords, etc. - The cover has a tailored look and I did a lot of top stitching which makes them extra strong. Carl keeps this little table near his recliner and eats most of his meals on it, while viewing old westerns - I do have to reward him once in a while for assisting in so.......many of my projects. The thing I love, love, love about this is I recycled the piece and no money spent. How divine is that? Happy Sewing in 2010.


  1. Hi Bettie! I'm a friend of Gayle's and have heard much about your sewing talents! I'm in need of just that type of cover you made but for an ottoman, not a table. I have an old fabric shower curtain on it, which, the fabric is perfect but being no seamstress, I just tied it on each end. Looks good til my son uses it for jumping on! I'm thinking of just laying it out on the ottoman loosely and then cutting it almost to the length I want then just slit the sides and sew them up. Then, I'm hoping it will stay in place! Should I try it????????
    Victoria S. Howdy to Gayle and Sharon too!

  2. My first attempt to covering an ottoman was the same as yours. It worked fine. I collect ottoman's and have acquired about four of them. On the four corners, you could do a whip stitch that would secure the fabric a little better. I would go for it. Don't you just love to recycle anything? I have this as my theme this year. It's the 15th and I haven't spent money yet. he he - don't know how long it will last though. Thanks for posting. Gayle speaks of you often.