Sunday, January 31, 2010


How many of you love to sit and watch the birds like I do? Right outside my den window I have several birdfeeders and houses; and on snowy cold days I really enjoy sitting and watching all the activity...yesterday I snapped a few (grainy for sure) pictures to share and in a short time we were able to spot cardinals, finches, doves, bluejays and a few unidentified species as well...the bluejays are the "bullies" of the crowd and my favorite is the brilliant male cardinal you will spot in a picture below.

I thought this pic was interesting with the screens so detailed..almost looked like a cross stiched piece to me


  1. I love birds, too, Gayle. I thought your pictures looked like cross stitched pieces of art!

  2. Great photos! I love my birds also! I feed woodpeckers, crows, bluejays and the scrub jays
    My favorite are the Scrub jays..which are a brilliant blue like the Blues..without the crest.
    I actually have a special one that sits by me and on my shoulder while I am feeding the rest..they are sooo smart..