Friday, January 29, 2010

Jelly Rolls aren't just for snacking..........

A couple of years ago I took up quilting, though, on a very small scale. I would NEVER venture to make a quilt large enough for an adult to sleep under. I resign my sizes to baby quilts, wall hangings or the table topper as you see here. My aunt presented me with a beautiful Jelly Roll from Moda Fabrics over two years ago and this week, I decided it was time to get something created. I love the Chinese coin quilt pattern, so I started searching the Internet for ideas and decided it would be easier to just find a photo and do it on my own. The collection consists of citrus colors with all designs, so this made part of the project easy. I decided to do a different border and used some solid strips in the collection as they reminded me of limeade, orangeade and lemonade. Hey it's February and when I was getting my table items set to take a photo - I decided that I would have hot tea - rather than iced. In 51 days, we will meet up with SPRING. I will be happy to sit at this cute table scape and have Gayle (perhaps Keely can join us with Easton) over for iced tea. Victoria: hope you like the table topper - I enjoyed our chats about it.


  1. The table topper is darling, Betty. Perfect for any time of the year if your thoughts are sunshiny!!


  2. I love the bright colors in the topper - it is definitely fitting for Spring! And Easton & I would love to come over for some iced tea... well, I'll have tea & he'll have to nurse instead :-)

  3. Many thanks for coming to visit my blog and it was lovely to discover yours.
    Your table topper is lovely and bright.

    Enjoy your weekend

  4. Love the topper Bettie...I'm thinking a pitcher of lime/lemonade would really set that tablescape off just perfectly!

  5. Love the table topper. It is fun to sew for the spring while it is still winter. Makes the wait for spring easier. We should go fabric shopping together sometime!

  6. It turned out great Bettie! It's beautiful. I want to come and have tea! You do amazing work. It makes you feel spring even if it isn't here yet!