Monday, January 18, 2010


In a little over two weeks, we will be in Hawaii.

Gosh, don't I have a hard life!!!!!

Seems foolish really..... leaving sunshine and summer to go to Paradise.

My biggest problem is packing.
I have learnt, over the years, to pack light.
Light to ME is definitely different to what my husband regards as light.
He thinks a small back pack should suffice.
Foolish man!!!
But I do need to consider room for SHOPPING.

Any of you been to Australia?????

Things are DEFINITELY cheaper in the good 'ol US of A.
I HAVE to make room for those goodies!!! (only if they are bargains though :) )

So, since I am laid up at home with my poor sore foot I thought I would 'pre pack'.

What should go with me??
One swimsuit?? Or two???
How many coverups???
How many pairs of shoes???
Will we hike??
Do I NEED joggers??
Gym clothes??? YUK
Nice clothes for dinners?? We WILL be there for Valentines Day.

Decisions Decisions

And, since my 'kids' aren't coming with us, I must leave a TEENY TINY bit of space for pressies for them, I suppose.


  1. Packing is tough. I have a tendency to want to bring everything I own!! And if I think I have done a reasonable (light job), I run out of things.

    I know of some people that pick up a light duffel bag to bring presents home...

    Good luck!


  2. Oh you poor thing what a life you have ha ha!! and I'm with Jane on this one pack another bag into your suitcase so you have room to buy more ha ha!! Hope you have a great trip my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. I'm so jealous! No, really I bet you are getting so excited. I hear Hawaii is beautiful anytime of the year. I am going to Florida this summer to spend 2 weeks by the ocean. I am so excited. I love the beach. Can't wait. Gonna pack real light, suit, cover up, sandles, and lots to read.